Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Pretty Desert Hike

Last weekend before the weather got hot, a group of us went on another hike from First Water Road, this one from the end of the road - 2 1/2 miles in.

This trail was a little rockier. That's my sister Barbara and Joanne waiting for me to catch up.

The trail went up and down, past some beautiful cactus -

And some very interesting rock formations.

This one was way out in the distance.

There was even water!

After about 2 miles, we got to a pass where we could see Weaver's Needle in the distance. This "little" 5-month-old puppy was on his very first hike, and was having a ball.

More cactus and rocks on the way back -

And even some flora -

And fauna!


  1. Great pictures. Especially the one of the Needle. And your butterfly is incredible.

  2. You must be in such terrific shape with all these hikes! I'll probably have to start slow, but can't wait to see some of the beautiful places you've been. I love this one. My knowledge of the desert is zilch, so I'm looking forward to learning about it in person. :)

  3. Aww--a great place to hike! Love all the desert shots really pretty there...Is that some kind of Fritillary--never seen one like that!

  4. Love the PIC with Weaver's Needle Looming....


  5. yet another great hike, Diana!.and beautiful pictures to go along with it!!

  6. Your photos were very enjoyable. That looks like a wonderful hike and I bet the puppy loved it.

  7. What a beautiful hike. Love your pictures.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Very nice. Looks like there are some spots where you have to watch your footing or the next step could be a big one :)

  9. Big Sigh. Do so wish I was there. Spring where you can go outside without getting rained on...sigh.
    Inspiring photos, as usual!

  10. Great picture and must have been a fun hike.

  11. Great shot of the butterfly ... they're never easy to catch still.

  12. That was fun. Thanks for inviting me along.

  13. That's my kind of "puppy". If you get too tired, you could ride it back! ;c)


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