Friday, March 12, 2010

A Quick Trip to Mexico

South of Progreso, TX, you can walk across the bridge over the Rio Grande River and be in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

The river here is beautiful.

This large statue welcome you.

Like Algodones (near Yuma, AZ), the town contains a large number of pharmacies where you can buy your prescription medicine for a much lower cost, and without a prescription.

Other stores sell all kinds of Mexican goods.

I really liked these flamingos, but what would I do with them???

Another reason to come to Mexico is for inexpensive manicures and pedicures. And they are not just for the women!

This big biker guy got a Harley Davidson pedicure. (And was nice enough to let me take his picture!)

Time for lunch - and the town has several nice restaurants. We even got serenaded by this duo. (Once again, if this looks black, click on the arrow anyway and it will play.)

After the huge lines in Algodones to get back into the US, this border crossing was a pleasant surprise. The line was about 10 feet long instead of a half mile.


  1. Great Job, Diana. You're pictures are great, and so is your writing. (Loved the bird post, too) - Jane

  2. The crossing at Presidio is good too. If you stay at the RV park/ course there you can hit the "Lizard Lounge" every afternoon. It is an informal gathering of all the RVers in the park. Everyone brings their own drinks, snacks and stuff and sits around getting to know one another. Pretty cool.

  3. Amazing! Even I who have no health insurance could get medicines there--now that would be great--
    I would enjoy browsing that store looks like all sorts of wonderful things in it---at first I thought you had photographed your foot--and I was thinking Wow Diana has a big foot for a such a small frame--lol--super looking manicure on that big foot! Do you have to show your passport to cross?

  4. Wow I loved seeing the pictures, like I said this is stuff I have never seen and that is why I love your blog, thats really something about the pharmacy and the prescriptions I bet alot of people take advantage of that, I liked those flamingos also they are pretty and I bet the shopping is great..thanks for sharing girl, have a good weekend!

  5. Great Pictures, Thanks
    Mexico is a different world. Some of the food is very good and cheap.

    I wish I had those Flamingos, I have a geteven that needs to be taken care of.

  6. I find it amazing that you can just buy the perscription drugs like that, and it just goes to show the huge profits being made. The pharmacy has a great name too. The biker has a nasty scar on his right ankle, looks like a bike accident.


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