Monday, March 15, 2010

Arizona Comes to Its Senses

In mid-2008, Arizona suddenly jumped the cost of its State Land Permits from $15 per year to $50 per year, thinking they were going to make up a $600,000 deficit. I have a feeling it backfired, and they lost money. I know I didn't buy a $50 permit, and neither did my friends.

Well, good news! The cost is now back down to $15. For this $15, you can camp 14 days on Arizona state land, which is plentiful.

There are many beautiful places on State land, such as this one near the Foothills outside of Yuma, and the one at the top of the page at Florence Junction, outside of Apache Junction.

To find state lands, get an Arizona Delorme map and look for the purple land, or look at the online maps here.

To get a permit, go here and download the application. More information on the permit is here.


  1. Gosh, those a beautiful and peaceful photos, especially the top one. Makes me want to head to Arizona to get one of those permits. Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. The photos on this post are just absolutely gorgeous the skies are beautiful thanks for sharing, I dont think I will need a permit though it would be a miracle if I ever made it out that far lol have a good week!

  3. How do you know these things? I have the smartest sister in the world!

  4. Thanks for the info. And good for AZ!! Now that Napolitano is gone, maybe more good things will happen.

  5. I'm glad you tried again. When a price goes up like that, I'm pessimistic enough to think it will stay that way. Way to go!!!

  6. GREAT pictures Diana. I will be bookmarking these sites so we'll know next year when we come back out here... We would love that area... Have fun & travel safe

  7. Those are great pictures. I wonder how you make it boon docking, How long can you stay before your batteries go dead and your tanks fill.
    Thanks for posting the description of where you are and the proper way to stay with a permit in Az.. I really like the first picture.

    Danny (Bubbadan

  8. Danny, my batteries never go dead. I have solar panels to charge them. And I can go at least 3 weeks without dumping, more than I usually want to stay at one place.

  9. Hmm. Diana, it may get to be time to Bug-out-for-the-Dugout, Eh?


  10. Great info! Just discovered your blog. Looking forward to more!



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