Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Really Not a Birder, But...

This is an unbelievable area for birding! The other day we went to the Bentsen State Park, part of the World Birding Center, a series of 9 nature sites along the Rio Grande River in south Texas. There are more than 500 species of birds here that are found nowhere else in the US!

This beauty is a Green Jay. Bentsen Park has blinds set up so you can get fairly close to the birds. Volunteers stock feeders several times a day.

Altamire Orioles are bright and colorful.

He turned around so you can see his beautiful back.

Another bird I never heard of is the Great Kiskadee.

Other unique birds are the Golden-fronted Woodpecker,

And the Chachalaca.

There were also some birds there that I recognized, like the Red-Winged Blackbird,

And the Northern Cardinal. (Look out for that squirrel behind you!)

Speaking of which, the squirrels got plenty of food too.

We also saw a few javelinas. This mother was patiently nursing her babies.

This guy was fishing with a net, I think for bait fish.

The land for the park was donated to the State many years ago by Lloyd Bentsen, Sr., father of the US Senator.


  1. WOW you got some great bird shots!! 500 species I really would love to go birding there!! Texas is a great spot to be during migration too!! Im so glad some of the wealthy people realize they are in the position to save more than money for the future!

  2. Wonderful photos! You sure are making good use of that new camera!

  3. I have lived in Texas for over 20 years and not seen half of those birds especially the one fishing with the net.
    Great Pictures

  4. We loved to go birding at Santa Ana (near McAllen/Alamo). Saw many of the same birds! You're at the northern-most range for both the Chachalaca and the Great Kiskadee -- won't see those anywhere in the US other than the RGV. Nice photos!

  5. Why do they have all the colorful birds? I only get sparrows and finches at my feeder. (And the doves stand underneath just waiting for seeds to drop.)

  6. One day I'll have to post my photos I took bike watching. Fat Boys, Soft Tails, Nightsters, V-Rods......

  7. Great shots and somewhere that would interest me.

  8. Anxiously waiting for an update! I check daily

  9. May all your miles be pleasant ones. I see you beat me to Judge Roy Beans place but at least now I know what it looks like so I wont pass it up. Be sure and eat some oranges on the border. :)

  10. Laguna Atascosa by Harlingen for birds.

  11. I would love to go there, beautiful birds and that squirrel sure looked chunky that was close to the cardinal lol


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