Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Neighborhood Flea Market - Am I in the US?

Right next to our RV park, shown here on the right half of this aerial shot, is a HUGE Mexican flea market, shown on the left half.

Alot of it is inexpensive clothing and jewelry.

These shirts were only $1, and brand new. Notice everything is in Spanish.

I was looking for a Mexican outfit for a theme night at our upcoming Dance Rally, and I managed to find everything I needed. This blouse was just perfect, and cost $5. I probably could have even talked him down, but I didn't.

I also got earrings, a necklace, a flower for my hair, for a total of $3.50. I already had a skirt, belt and boots from a thrift store.

There was a nice assortment of fruits and vegetables, but also some unusual items not usually found in other flea markets in the US.

Lots of different kinds of birds, plus roosters, bunnies, chicks, and even a goat.

Lots of stores had very nice boots, hats and hat bands.

A great selection of pinatas.

Even tombstones and caskets!


Ted and Mary Ellen said...

I LOVE the new picture in the header! Also, I'd love to "window shop" in that flea market. ;)

squawmama said...

Yes I agree the new header is fabulous... and what a flea market for sure. I would love that!!! Have fun and travel safe my friend.

Lynn said...

Make sure you take a pic of yourself in your mexican outfit I cant wait to see you all dressed up and I would so love to go to that flea market wow thats huge, you have a good time out there!!

Barbara and Ron said...

I don't remember that flea market being there. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

The flea market looked like a lot of fun. I can't beleave you did not try to get the top for 2.50. that new header is great

Dan (Bubbadan)

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Now thats a super flea market-with the exception of the animals for sale--
I cant beleive you can purchase a headstone and casket at a flea market--thats amazing-the new header is SUPER! What a sunset!

Al and Jennifer said...

Wow... I really dig these Mexican Flea markets. We've traveled a lot in Baja and always stopped at them. What town are you in? We love to travel that route from Harlingen to Del Rio and on into Big Bend. I've played music in a couple of saloons down there, like the La Kiva in Terlingua. Just great.

Penny said...

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