Monday, November 18, 2019

I'm Hooked Up!

Well, maybe not the way you're thinking, but I have electricity! I'm at Fountain of Youth RV Spa and Resort for our annual WIN Dance Rally. I have a beautiful site overlooking the Salton Sea -

With a view of the beautiful Chocolate Mountains back behind us.

And even though I'm looking down on the Salton Sea, this is the elevation from my spot.

A lot of us got there before the rally started, and one day we went on a rather scary 4-wheel drive adventure.

We went under this old train trestle -

And saw a lot of rusty stuff - my favorite part of the drive!

When the Dance Rally started, we had lessons every day, and dances most nights. We had several theme dances, including Wild West night, where I got to play the cardboard guitar that was part of the wonderful decorations.

I'm fully equipped, so you better not cross me...

On Halloween night, we went to the dance put on by the park. I think I found my guy!

Some of the many participants at the Costume Contest.

On the 2 nights that we didn't have a band, we were entertained by Karaoke. The WINs have some very talented members!

One night we went to see our member Paul, who had a gig down at the restaurant in the park.

We had many other activities during the rally, including a yummy potluck.

On another day, we went to nearby Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge. Right away, I saw a huge flock of Snow Geese.

We went on a little hike and saw some White Pelicans on a little island.

I don't think I've ever seen so many birds at one time!

Afterwards we went to Obsidian Butte. Some intrepid hikers went to the top, but I walked around it.


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