Monday, November 25, 2019

A Short Trip to See the Grandkids

After the Dance Rally, I headed over to see my daughter and her family in San Diego. One day we went to Old Town San Diego to do a little shopping. The Grandkids really like to shop. They must get it from me...

There was lots of Day of the Dead stuff there.

My friend, Marion, happened to be parked where I was, and one day we went to the top of Mt. Helix. You can drive almost to the top, then climb up the steps of the open theater that is on top.

Looking back down.

There's a cross at the very top -

And beautiful views all around. It was a little hazy towards the ocean -

But nice to the east.

Back at the Elks Lodge were I was parked, they had an arts and crafts fair going on all weekend. I bought some of these beautiful handmade quilled greeting cards, for a very reasonable price. They were selling them 2 years ago in the Big Tent in Quartzsite, and I bought some then too. And - GOOD NEWS - Yoder Do will be back in Quartzsite again this January!

It was a short visit, but we got to visit and do some ukulele.


  1. Looks like a fun trip. I really enjoy following your blog.

    Just a quick note about the greeting cards. You are calling them twilled but the correct spelling of that is quilled. So why is it called quill? Because in the old days people used the quills from feathers as the tool to roll the strips of paper around to form it into circles. Knowing the why of a name and the process will help lock the right name into your memory.

    1. Oh, Karen you are so right! What was I thinking? I will fix it. Thank you!


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