Wednesday, October 23, 2019

More of Lone Pine

One day at Lone Pine, CA we went to visit Manzanar, which was a military-style camp where Japanese-Americans were detained during World War II. Only a few of the buildings remain, but this is what it looked like then.

A couple of the buildings that remain have some very good exhibits showing what life was like during the war. It was very sad, but interesting.

Nearby is a cemetery where those that passed away are buried.

After our Manzanar tour, we went on a 4-wheel drive trip through an old mine nearby. Yes, we are going in there!

We made it! We went about a half mile into the mine.

The obligatory WIN photo!

Afterwards, Paul decided to be even more daring, going up that thin strip on the right. I got out to take pictures. Well, that was my wimpy excuse...

We were conveniently in Lone Pine during their annual Film Festival. On the last day of the Festival, we all lined up for the parade.

We saw Zorro -

And Hopalong Cassidy!

We were sitting right across from the guys with the guns, and a lot of shooting occurred. I was a little worried that their aim would be off...

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