Thursday, July 4, 2019

Idaho Falls - One of the Friendliest Towns I've Been To!

I next moved on to Idaho Falls, ID. I stayed at the Elks Lodge there, and it was one of the friendliest lodges I've ever been to!

Of course I had to see the falls. They were especially beautiful with all the flowers blooming.

I was only here for a few days, but by far the best thing I did was visit their zoo. It's small, but all the animals do not seem to be alone. They all have friends!

First up were these penguins, with the teacher lecturing to his students.

There were 4 African Lions - a mom and 2 daughters and a son. A small pride!

This baby Bactrian Camel was only a month old! It's a boy!

I liked the Servals, because my Grandcat is part Serval.

We saw this white Peacock just walking down the road!

And then we ran across this baby Robin being fed by Mama. And they weren't in a cage!

There were Laughing Kookaburras -

And Flamingos -

With a couple Roseate Spoonbills mixed in!

This is Sid, who was hand-raised by zoo representatives, because his mother was unable or unwilling to care for him. He is now transitioning to life as a Gibbon.

But this was the highlight of my trip to the zoo! What is so special about a dog? Well, her name is Justice, a Great Pyrenees who has raised several animals, including a lion cub, all on here own! She is so special that she has a house of her own! I had heard stories of her and was glad I got to see her.

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  1. The say that animals look out for one another. They give Justice special treatment.
    That Spammer is really busy lately.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your explorations.

    It's about time.


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