Friday, October 21, 2016

Deeper into the Jungle

After our busy morning on the Canopy Walk, we had lunch at the lodge, then went for a late-afternoon canoe ride to another tower.

This one is 135-feet high, and built around an ancient Kapok tree. They're in the process of building a new tower, but we went up the old wooden one.

Right away we saw a pair of lovey-dovey Many-Banded Aracari, a form of Toucan.

WHOA - too much lovey-dovey!

We also saw a White-Throated Toucan off in the distance.

We stuck around for sunset. Mount Sumaco Volcano is somewhere out there, but I couldn't make it out.

The next morning we were off again early in the canoes.

And back down the mile-long trail to the river.

Where we got in the high-speed boat for a trip further down river to Yasuni National Park.

Our goal is a clay parrot lick, where in sunny and dry conditions you can see hundreds of brightly colored parrots. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. We did see a few up in the trees.

So we gave up and headed back, spotting this Hoatzin, also known as a Stinky Turkey. Apparently they have no natural enemies because they taste so bad, making them very common in the Amazon lowlands.

It started to pour then, but I guess I shouldn't complain - we are in the rain forest!

Cute, huh?

On our way back upriver, we stopped at one of the many local indigenous communities -

Where we were given snacks cooked in a traditional way.

They also showed us how to make the local drink. When it's first made, kids can drink it, but as it ferments, it's only for adults. We tried a little of each.

Trish made a new friend - what a cutie!

Back at the lodge, we went on another canoe ride in the afternoon.

Our native guide was really good at spotting birds. This is a Chestnut Woodpecker.

Another great day in the Amazon!


  1. What a fantastic trip - you have such energy. I love all the bird photos. That stinky turkey is sure different looking - kind of like a turkey buzzard. I like him! :)

  2. Amazing birds!!! Is this a Road Scholar trip? I've heard they are amazing and this looks amazing!!


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