Friday, February 19, 2016

Third Stop - Costa Maya

Costa Maya is not really a town, but a place built on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico just for cruise ships.

The ships dock at the end of a really long pier. Notice the plate on the rope to keep critters from climbing aboard.

Of course there's a lighthouse.

And the newest Mayan ruin - only 6 months old! The area was hit by a hurricane in 2007, so everything is pretty new.

The big Mayan temple here is actually a water park.

We were welcomed ashore by some strange animals. I think we're getting the evil eye for not tipping them.

In the morning, Phil and I rented a golf cart and explored the nearby town of Mahahual.

They have a nice beach -

And looks like a great RV parking spot.

Is this Groucho or Harpo?

These termite nests were all over the area. We also saw them in Honduras and Belize.

Someone enhanced the crosswalk sign.

So what if you run out of one color of paint - just carry on with another.

Satellite dishes were everywhere.

In the afternoon we took a cab back to town to go to the beach. We went snorkeling, but I forgot my underwater camera, so no pictures.

On the way home, I got attacked by a crocodile.

Another ship came in while we were gone. Makes us look small...

We had dinner with the ship's singles group - the 6 of us and 4 of another group.

Nighty -night!


  1. Costa Maya was still being built when we spent two weeks in Cancun in 1999. Nice to get a sense of what it looks like since we stopped in Cozumel on the Jade. That multi-colored house reminds me of a neighborhood we visited in Buenos Aires where people painted the houses with whatever color paints were leftover.

  2. I like the colorful house...It fits into the laid back lifestyle...


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