Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Couple Stops in Miami

On our way to the Keys, we missed seeing anything in Miami, so on the way back we stayed a couple nights at the Miccosukee Casino a little west of Miami. From there we took a day trip into Miami to see Vizcaya, a modern and subtropical interpretation of an 18th century Italian Villa.

Vizcaya was built from 1914 to 1922, and was the winter residence of James Deering, an executive in the family Deering Harvester Company, and subsequently International Harvester. No pictures are allowed inside, although there are plenty on the internet.

On the water side is a stone ship.

The detail is amazing.

But this poor guy and his mermaid woman are getting pooped on by an anhinga.

On the other side of the mansion are the elaborate European-inspired gardens, among the most elaborate in the US.

The central space is dominated by low hedges in a geometric pattern.

There are many sculptures and fountains. I'm surprised there are still any statues remaining in Europe.

Even though this is subtropical, there are still some cactus gardens in the yard.

"Hey, what are you looking at?"

We also went to see the Wynwood Walls, 80,000 square feet of wall paintings on buildings spread out over many blocks.

The paintings are varied, and very well done.

I think this was my favorite.

Next - the beginning of our trip up the Gulf side of Florida.


  1. Bet that stone ship is pretty hard to sail. ;c)
    Looking at all those hedges makes me shudder to think about all the work that goes in to making them look so amazing.

  2. Lovely post with contrasting art styles.


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