Monday, April 21, 2014

Goldfield Ghost Town

A couple weeks ago we went out to see the Goldfield Ghost Town, near Apache Junction. Admission is free - except for the tours -

And if you're so inclined, you can ride your horse there. The Superstition Mountains make a beautiful background.

And here's the best thing - lots of rusty stuff!

More rusty stuff!

And even a rusty old cell tower!!!

On weekends they have a gun fight. It starts out calm enough -

But soon there are dead bodies all over the place.

Never fear, eventually they all get up and pose for pictures.

Spring is definitely in the air. I love the palo verde tree blooms.

The birds were gathering nesting material -

And I was trying to pick up a cowboy. Unfortunately, he ended up being kind of a dummy...


  1. Better luck next time in your attempts to pick up a cowboy!

    Glad you got a chance to feed your rusty stuff addiction. :c)

  2. Great website and excellent content and pics!

  3. Dead bodies that get up and pose for pictures. Now that could be a great plot for a movie. You really need to work on your pick up lines.

  4. Interesting. Most ghost towns I've seen in the SW are anything but. The majority seem to be what we'd call back east a little country town. Not a lot of business, but otherwise just a slow pace place. I would like to find some real ghost towns.

  5. Ha Ha on the dummy...I like it when the dead get up and walk!

  6. This gunfight reminds me of the one they have 'daily at 5 PM' outside the Erma Hotel in Cody, WY. Those dead folks get up & walk too!


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