Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mara Gets Chased by a Giant Sloth!

On Sunday, daughter Corrie and grandkids Mara and Jonathan joined me in Borrego Springs to see the sculptures in the desert near town. Mara got chased by a giant sloth, but fortunately escaped.

The Velociraptors were much friendlier, dancing with both Jonathan -

And Mara. The kids seem to enjoy dancing as much as their Grandma!

They were very helpful, trying to push Willy's Jeep over the rock pile.

Much better than being on the other end! (By this time, Jonathan was really getting into it...)

After all this hard work, we went back to the gathering for the WIN's ice cream social. Mara was just amazed that I had so many friends in the middle of nowhere.

On Saturday, Ted led us on a 4-wheel drive trip through Grapevine Canyon in Anza Borrego Park.

Most of the participants...

The majority of the trip was through a wash, but there was some more challenging sections.

The park has some great 4-wheel drive trails. It was a great week! Even though I come here most years, I got to see some things this year that I hadn't seen before. And the grandkids made it even more special!


  1. Love, love, love those metal sculptures! Your photos of the kids with them are great!

  2. Mara is just as dramatic as her grandmother. Jonathan is learning fast! Thanks for sharing photos of the kids and Corrie. Can't believe that I haven't seen Corrie in person in twenty years.
    Love you all

  3. What a great time with your grandkids! They get cuter and cuter every time you post a picture of them! :c)

  4. Sure looks like the grands are having a really great time. Nice to get them out of the city and see what a good time the old folks can have in the middle of no where.

  5. You certainly showed your grandchildren a great time and they obviously had one. Terrific pictures! I've seen those desert "sculptures" before but they were never this much fun.

  6. Fun shots of the kids, I love it when kid energy shows through in photos. They're lucky to visit in the middle of nowhere with all your friends!

  7. Rusty stuff and ice cream ... sounds like a good day to me :-))

  8. Great photos! Your grand kids are great actors - so dramatic. It looks like they were having a super time with grandma. :)


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