Friday, October 19, 2012

Whipping Around the Country

After a fairly slow trip through Utah and Colorado this spring and summer, I'm on the move. Leaving Bluff and heading southwest, you go through Monument Valley. I didn't stop this time, but spent some time there last summer. That post is here.

Just a little south of Monument Valley is Agathla Peak, a 1400' volcanic plug on the Navajo Reservation. Sorry about the drive-by shooting...

I was headed to the Elks Lodge in Prescott Valley, AZ. It used to be a great place to boondock, with a gorgeous view.

Unfortunately, they won't let you boondock anymore, because they want to fill up their $18 hookup spots. I wouldn't mind that price if I needed hookups, but I didn't. So this was my view...

I didn't stay as long as I had originally intended, but left and went to my sister Barbara's house in Mesa. She's not back for the winter yet, so I settled in, parking my trailer in her backyard.

From here I flew to my father's house in Pennsylvania. He's 91 years old, and going strong. He recently built those steps up to the deck all by himself.

And I hit the changing of the leaves just perfectly - I had forgotten what I was missing in the West.


  1. I wouldn't mind being back in the Northeast for a week or two right now.

  2. As usual a great post on your blog.

  3. There is nothing like the leaves in New England in the fall. Just beyond beautiful. Not sure if you have Passport America - but just for your info - the fairgrounds in Prescott Valley is a great place to stay. For future reference if you want hook ups.

  4. Sometimes you have to get all that sand and rocks out of your hair and enjoy Fall in the East.

    Your dad is amazing, what a nice project he completed. Did you say he was 91, or was it 19? :c)

  5. The Eastern fall colors are so diverse. Sounds like a nice trip. Except for that Prescott view.

  6. I grew up in PA and the leaves are so beautiful in the fall. Forgot how green the grass is, too. Spending too much time in the desert!

  7. I love traveling around the Navajo Res. Beautiful!!
    ITS been a cool fall so far bach East, and here in the south too...our leave change is slower tho than PA. My sis traveled cross country last week...she said TN had the best color then.
    WOW your dad is SPRY!! Good for him. My mom is 88 she just made a cross country trip herself, never ceases to amaze me.
    Happy travels.

  8. I love your first photo, a classic shot. I hope at 91 I'm still doing projects like the one your Dad did. Amazing, what a fantastic family role model.

  9. Your drive by shots are better than most people's stills, especially that first one.

  10. That deck and those stairs are ridiculously awesome - for ANY age! 91?!? My new hero - seriously. Gorgeous colors, BTW.


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