Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Procession Panel

In terms of petroglyphs, Procession Panel is one of the least known, but most spectacular ones in the area. I had been there back in 2007, so once again I got to lead. Back then there were no trail markers and it was difficult to find.

But this time, there were cairns and even an occasional trail sign. After about a mile of crossing slick rock, we are close. The panel is up those boulders and around the corner.

Along the way are some teaser petroglyphs, including a hockey player in the upper right and a hand without an opposable thumb in the lower left. And possibly some Olympic rings.

We found it! The Procession Panel is a 20-foot long conga line of tiny marching figures. There are 179 figures in what is thought to be a funeral procession.

Do we look stumped or what?

The first thing I noticed was that every so many people, there was a guy carrying a staff.

And then some guys were waving at us!

And a dinosaur was invited.

But is this really a funeral procession? I think I found the dead guy!

What do YOU think?

And all the while, a dragon is doing the disco. What a party!


  1. Seems more like a migration story to me. Nice panel.

  2. i will go with hunt party?

  3. I'm just glad there was no jungle for you to fight through this time.

    Impressive find, though. I guess this is what people did before the Internet. :c)

  4. Absolutely agree with and love your petroglyph interpretations! Highly scientific and 100% accurate, I'm sure. LOL

  5. Maybe it was some sort of games. Perhaps the hockey stick was a lacrosse stick? Or maybe it was a hunt.

  6. Great pictures and what a commentary. LOL
    Enjoyed very much thanjs.

  7. OH super spot...its a mystery-- I wish they have left a decoder ring to figure out what THEY are trying to say in these CLUES into their life...
    Great stuff Diana!

  8. This is great. Where is it? We will have to find it the next time we are nearby. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Yep, great narrative. I'm sure you're right.

  10. sorry I missed this hike. looks like a good one.


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