Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moving on to Sedona

It was time to leave the hot behind, and move up to cooler weather! Sedona is one of my favorite places, and there is great parking outside of town where the balloons frequently land. Sedona is famous for its vortexes - centers of energy.

I'm here with the WINs, at the start of their spring/summer circuit through Utah and Colorado. I'll be with them off and on.

There are many wonderful trails in the area. This is the Chimney Rock loop, which of course goes around Chimney Rock. The wildflowers are just starting to bloom.

The lizards are out too - this one was huge!

This was a surprise - The Amitabha Stupa and Buddha is supposed to be Sedona's newest vortex. Chimney Rock is in the background.

After the hike, we went into town. I had seen the Chapel of the Holy Cross before, but never gone inside.

So we climbed up a big hill, and it was definitely worth it.

Outside the Chapel, you can get a view of how the simple folk live in Sedona! This house comes complete with an observatory and a 4-car garage.

In addition to balloons, our parking area has some cute not-so-wild life.

They are smart enough to hide behind the "No Hunting" sign.

And some real wildlife! Although this one was pretty scary, I think it is a nonpoisonous Glossy snake.


  1. SNAKE!

    Sedona adds new vortices? How does that work?

    Annie is still recovering from a back situation, so we strolled around the Schnebly Hill vista yesterday until she'd had too much.

  2. I just recently learned that the house is owned by the man who invented the surgical laser scalpel among other things.

    The outside koi pond with waterfall, alone, cost a million dollars.

    Stuff you needed to know, right? :)

  3. Wow! Neat shadow from the snake!

  4. Poisenous or non-poisenous, I do not like SNAKES. They give me the creeps.

  5. The one time we were in Sedona, we loved it ... hope to go back once we're on the road and spend more time there to explore all that we missed the first time around.

  6. Only a four car garage? Those folks are really slumming it.

    Hope those ballonists are good at landing in places other than on top of your trailer...

  7. the lifestyles of the rich and famous?..nice house!!!..great view!

  8. can you recommend any places in Sedona for us hook-up folks that won't break the bank?

  9. Seeing that snake would be the end of me.

  10. Looks like a rattler to me. (Rattlers do not always have a rattle all throughout their lives.) Steer clear.

  11. Diana,
    AZ Fish and Game says this is a gopher snake which also inhabits this area. Glossy snakes are similar but there are differences in scales. (Also, no rattles mean NOT a rattler.)

    Emjay (Fish and Game relative)


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