Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Desert in Bloom

There were a couple things I wanted to do before leaving Apache Junction. One was going on a hike at the Superstition Mountains. Phil, sister Barbara, and "brother-in-law" Ron headed out last Sunday on a fairly cool day.

I was especially interested in what was blooming. The prickly pear cactus had lots of buds and quite a few blooms.

A close-up.

And another. Don't know what this is -

Or this. But they sure are pretty.

We even saw a few poppies!


But the highlight of the cactus blooms was the saguaro! A few are starting to bloom now.

And the bugs just love them! This photo was shot at 200mm with my Nikon DSLR (300mm in 35mm equivalent). And it was cropped a lot. And it's still pretty sharp!

Here's the reason - Ever since I got the Nikon D3100, I have wanted to get an all-purpose lens, the 18-200. I've been putting off the purchase, hoping for a better price, but Gaelyn got one and she made me bite the bullet! I love it! All of the pictures in this post (except this one, of course) were taken with this lens.


  1. That lens sure captured some great pictures. Thanks for biting the bullet for all of us. :c)

  2. LOVE the desert in bloom terrific photos!!!....the magenta may be hedgehog, and the other pencil cholla? I looked up all of them when I was going thru my photos from 2010 visit to AZ, and UT YEAH on the new lens, this is why I havent taken the plunge...all the costly but awesome accessories that are a must have for the DSLR, glad you got a deal.

  3. Thanks for sharing those beautiful desert blooms with us.
    Nice zoom lens...I think Mike has something like that on his Nikon. I just use a Sony point and shoot.

  4. That lens is working great! Love those photos of all the flowers. Thanks for sharing the wonderful things you see on your journey.

  5. I've noticed about myself that I'm happy as a pig in mud wherever I am, until I read about some other part of the desert that someone else is enjoying, then I want to be THERE. Even though I just photographed my own strawberry hedgehog yesterday. Yours MUST be better.

    Nice camera and lens, too. I won't covet it, since it's not point-and-shoot.

  6. The desert blooms are lovely. I think the unknown is cholla. I am really jealous of those saguaro blooms, I've never seen them.

    Don't you just love that lens? I do.

  7. I'm jealous of your seeing the saguaro bloom--but not enough to stay to late April. Love the photos. The new lens was a good purchase.

  8. Beautiful photos...and by the way, I just stumbled upon your blog and love the look and the layout, easy to read, very pretty colors and the way it's set up is great. Thanks for sharing and we'll be following you. I'm coveting that lens and hope to have one by Christmas! We have the Nikon 3100 too and it's fabulous!


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