Thursday, March 15, 2012

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 near Tucson was a grand experiment in the early 90s. It is called Biosphere 2 because the earth is Biosphere 1.

Eight researchers/guinea pigs sequestered themselves for 2 years inside the air-tight sealed facility.

Each one had their own small two-story apartment.

And used a group kitchen/meeting room.

They raised all their own food. They complained of constant hunger the first year, but managed to grow more food the second year.

Zacry gave us a great tour. According to him, the project was a huge success, but if you read about it on the Internet, there were some big problems. One was dropping oxygen levels, which finally had to be artificially elevated.

Some of the different habitats in the Biosphere include a salt water ocean, complete with coral reef -

An extremely humid rain forest -

And a desert.

We went down a long tunnel to get to one of the 2 "lungs."

Because the facility was sealed, it needed a way to breath, or it would explode as the air pressure increased when the temperature rose each day. The 2 domed lungs expanded and contracted to adjust for the change in pressure. You can see here the feet that it rests on are off the ground.

The outside of the lung with a nice Texas Mountain Laurel in the foreground.

They advertise that Biosphere 2 is one of the 50 must-see wonders of the world. While it was very interesting, I wouldn't rank it quite that high.


  1. Interesting tour. I remember when they were running it and read that they had to bring food in from the outside.

    Still, it was a good scientific trial to see if people couold live in close quarters without killing each other. They could have saved tons of money and just studied full time RVers instead. ;c)

  2. Kudos to the Dahl comment. I agree! What a wonderful post and tour! Thank you Diana. Wow.

  3. Great tour Diana. Another spot to add to the list. At this rate I can't even think of leavin' this world till I'm about 120 years old.

  4. Interesting stuff....I would go crazy in there myself---I guess they did learn alot about how to be more self sufficient!

  5. That biosphere 2 will be on our to-do-list next year.

  6. While driving by I've thought about stopping. Your tour just might be good enough.

  7. We stopped at Biosphere 2 but because Jim couldn't walk at that time (at least not very far) we only went to the movie and walked a little ways down the path to take some pictures.

  8. I agree; it was an interesting place to visit, but I can think of a lot of other sites that would easily make it in the top 50 before I get to B2.

  9. Very interesting. Not something for me. I need the outdoors and real air - even if it is polluted.

  10. I had forgotten about that place, but I remember when it was happening. Interesting pictures, thanks!

  11. Hey, I'm a student from germany and I have to present the project Bioshere 2 in my class. I just found your pictures from inside the building and I was really happy. Do you have somme interesting details or other pictures, which are not published n the internet? That would maybe give me an advantage, when I have a opinion of a "live-visitor". Thanks


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