Monday, December 6, 2010

Things I Forgot to Mention

On my last post I forgot to mention that if you buy solar panels, or add anything to your solar system, you are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit! Wow! And some states also have a solar tax credit. Arizona, for example, has a one-time 25% credit.

That means that if you pay both federal and Arizona taxes, you can get 55% off your solar panel, regulator, and inverter purchase. I often hear that generators are less expensive than solar panels, but you don't get a tax credit for a generator!

I showed you my big inverter in my last post, but I also have a couple little ones - one to run the TV and receiver, and one to run my computer, printer, etc. The one for the TV is plugged into the DC outlet by the antenna connection.

The one for the computer is hard-wired to the light above the table. Just cut off the plug end and wire it to the DC wires for the light. (The other wire in the picture is for a DC plug I have down at the table.)

While I'm sitting here in Yuma, I have a chance to put out a hummingbird feeder. I think this is a female Costa's hummingbird.

And here is her hubby. See how long his purple beard is.

And this looks like an immature male to me, just starting to grow his purple facial hair.

Clearly I have too much time on my hands, because I was going through the stats on Blogger to see where my Google traffic comes from. Google "naked Santa ornaments" and you'll see that I am Number One! (We all have to be Number One in something...)

And of course I've been doing lots of dancing. This is one of the most unique spots, the three-walled VFW, where you can dance and watch trains at the same time.


  1. Great info regarding the solar panels. Absolutely loved the hummingbird photos. Finally, the dancing sounds like good fun.

  2. IM so jealous of the solar panels and the Hummers!! Ours leave promptly on Oct can set your calendar by them! LOVE the phots of them!!
    WOW thats a special shot, a train, a dancing couple, a huge mountain, Lots to see n do there!

  3. Thanks for the advise on the solar panels. I have been looking into a small one for my battery I don't do much boon docking. How long can your TV, computer and other things be power with a good charge?


  4. How did you get those hummingbirds to stay so still so you could photograph them? Did you put glue on the feeder perches? ;c)

    Incredible pictures of beautiful birds!

  5. You know I love the hummer pics! Haven't ever seen a Costa's. :)

  6. Taking more notes. Thank you again, for info on powering up.
    Love the little flying jewel photos!

  7. You're right, you are! That was such a cute post (the Naked Santa one). Funny, made me laugh!
    Great hummer photos. Wish I could take close-ups like that. The purple beard is so pretty!

  8. I'd join the VFW just for that view.

  9. thats great news about the solar panels. and wow on the hummingbird pictures just gorgeous thanks so much for sharing! happy dancing :o)

  10. Gorgeous hummingbird shots. I hung up a feeder here in Mesa and we get a few hummers, but one day we saw a verdin sitting there drinking.

  11. Loved those hummingbirds. Great pictures.


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