Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Top Ten Adventures of 2010 - Part II

In my last post, I listed numbers 6 through 10. I think I've finally decided on my top five. In each one, you can click on the link(s) to read the original post(s).

Number 5 - Napa, CA
I decided to go to Napa because my son was visiting there at a time when I could meet him. Little did I know I would have such a wonderful time there.

There are lots of beautiful wineries, and even though the wine tastings are no longer free, the sightseeing is.

And the wine-connoisseur and his mother got to meet up several times. You can read the original posts here and here.

Number 4 - Highway 395 in California
Even though I've been down Highway 395 many times, it still managed to make the Top 5. The hiking here is out-of-this-world - this is a picture from my favorite hike here. Another post on hikes in the area is here.

Another great thing about Highway 395 is all the natural hot springs. I did a post on the Bridgeport area here and the Hot Creek area here.

The ghost town of Bodie is also right off Highway 395.

Number 3 - The Hike to Grinnell Glacier
This hike, on the east side of Glacier NP, is one I have wanted to do for a long time, and it did not disappoint. It involves 2 boat rides and a long climb. The scenery and flowers were spectacular.

A marmot was working the trail, and was an excellent model. More pictures are here.

Number 2 - The Twenty Lakes Basin Hike
Another great hike that I've always wanted to do. This one involved less elevation gain, so it got ranked higher. Located at the east side of Yosemite, it also involves a boat ride -

Some hard parts -

And some of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. I highly recommend this hike - it's a 5 1/2 mile loop, but not too much elevation change. More pictures here.

And now, drum roll please!

Number 1 - The Lewis and Clark Trail
Considering I'm not much of a history buff, I was amazed at how interesting this trip was. Our WIN group met up in St. Louis, MO on May 14th, exactly 206 years after Lewis and Clark departed on their epic journey. We arrived in Astoria, OR on August 19th, going considerably faster than L&C did, but taking our time nonetheless.

Along the way there were several Lewis and Clark interpretive centers. It is incredible that these two men, their dog Seaman, Sacajawea, and the rest of the party made the journey all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Carolyn for organizing this trip. It's truly something I will never forget.


  1. I loved my L&C trip in 2004. Since it was the 200th anniversary there were lots of re-enactors on the journey. In 2005 I met one of the re-enactors near Salmon, ID that I had met in 2004 and this time they were on horseback.

  2. I anxiously awaited Part II and you didn't disappoint! Where is that L&C statue located?

  3. More wonderful choices! I cant wait to see where next year takes you :o)

  4. Great choices, one and all! Isn't it great to walk down memory lane? :)

  5. All look like great choices to me. We have hit only part of the Lewis and Clark trail and have not seen any of the others-still much to do.

  6. Great post with wonderful pictures as usual. Can't wait to travel some o' those same trails. I'd like to start with the Hwy 395 area.

  7. what a great list!.you are so lucky to have done all of that!!

  8. I recall all those great posts you made along the way--My favorites were of course the Lewis n Clark trip and the hike in Glacier--Thats one place I really want to go back to and spend WAY more time--all your top 10 were fantastic--I would say you had a very good year!

  9. I was counting on the Twenty Lakes hike being #1, but then I forgot about the Lewis and Clark trip. What a fabulous year!

  10. You absolutely inspire me. Delightful count down. Thank you.

  11. Highway 395 was (a) the only real desert travel we've done, and (b) the most awesome drive. We took about three weeks to go from the bottom to Reno and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

  12. I enjoyed all your visits as you made them this year and I've enjoyed re-reading them all again!

    Thanks for taking us all along on your travels. Looking forward to your 2011 travels. :c)

  13. The Lewis and Clark statue is in St. Charles, MO, just up river from St. Louis. It was L&C's first stop.

  14. Great top 10, Diana ... with so many wonderful places that you've visited, must be hard to come up with just 10.


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