Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hanging Out in Yuma

I spend a lot of time in Yuma every winter, it seems, so it's hard to find anything new to write about. I'm parked on this tiny popular piece of BLM land next to the VFW. Next to the highway and the railroad tracks, it doesn't seem too attractive, but it has its advantages. The trains are fun to watch, and there doesn't seem to be as many of them this year. Is this a sign of the economy?

Another fun thing to watch are the hummingbirds..

And every weekend, the local paintball enthusiasts gather to shoot it out amongst the multi-colored trees.

Each year their setup gets more elaborate.

There's dancing almost every afternoon at the VFW. This VFW post is rather odd, in that it is a 3-sided building, open on one end for tables, dancing, and train-watching.

You can run over to Algodones, Mexico for huge margaritas, and inexpensive drugs. Oooops, I mean medicine. I stocked up for the whole year.

The downside of going to Mexico is the long line to get back into the US, but it seems better this year -- only 30-45 minutes. And the Mexicans have built a nice canopy to shade the line.

Back home, we're treated to a gorgeous sunset.


  1. A very good picture of Yuma - and that's why we go there.

  2. Hi Diana....
    What was the temp when you were in line at Algodones? The temps in TX where I'm at right now are jacket temps!

  3. Hi Betty,
    The temperature has been in the 80s, but is supposed to cool down a lot next week.

  4. After a couple Margaritas like that they would have to Roll me back across the Border. Love the Sunset PIC. Diana, those Big Yellow Engines will lull you to sleep, I'm sure :~)


  5. Did you stock up on margaritas or medicine in Algodones? :-)

    Sounds like you are going to be busy for Thanksgiving and Doc isn't going to be there so I'm staying home for the holiday.

  6. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for the Yuma pics and information - I've been thinking of heading down there. But now ya got me wondering about the paintball!! Erm, are you in the line of fire? lol

  7. Hmm, good point. Neither Mr Marco nor Ms Scape are too thrilled with the Idea of Icky Paint a'flyin' and poor Katz would be in the Kitty Hidey Hole for the duration.


  8. Well, guys, thanks for worrying about flying paintballs, but they are well back in the trees. Since I like my solar and satellite TV, I am NOT in the trees. But some years ago, a rig did get hit with a paintball. The paintball shooters not only cleaned the paint off, they washed the whole rig!


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