Thursday, August 12, 2021

Moving Up the Coast a Bit

After Crescent City, I moved up the coast just a little bit, to Smith River, in the Northwest corner of California.
I stayed at the Lucky 7 Casino, within walking distance of the beach.
Just gorgeous!
On the way to the trail down to the beach was a beautiful Tribal Cemetery.
I think the wind blows here a bit...
This must be the party place for the seagulls.
There were some beautiful flowers around -


  1. Carol had her phone taken away when she took a picture of a tribal cemetery in NM, and had a terrible time getting it back.

  2. I had an uncle that had 200 acres on the beach just north of there out of Fort Dick. As a kid we played in the dunes. It is now a State Park and the old homestead is gone and all the traces of anything being there. Enjoy it is a beautiful area.

  3. I will have to check out that casino. We travel that way a lot and have never stopped there.


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