Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Coachella Is a Really Cute Town!

After spending some time in Prescott Valley, I moved to warmer weather at a casino near Indio, CA. One day I went to see the nearby town of Coachella.
There are lots of beautiful murals here - it reminded me of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico where I visited almost 2 years ago.
In fact, the whole town feels like Mexico. I loved it!
But the best thing was finding this tree that was carved with a lot of animals.
I wish I had gotten more close-ups of the animals (and a few people) -
But these will have to do.
Then when I went around back, I found out that it had just recently been done! There is a good video done by the carver, Bob King here -
This whole thing was done in less than a month! I found a picture of the tree pre-carving on Google Maps.
And they have pretty sunsets here too!


  1. Nice photos, good to see you are safe

  2. Very interesting carvings! I have followed you for maybe 5 years now,I think I have responded a couple of times. You always have inspired posts! My name is Rawn Stone, and I'm a male! Really! And I'm married for 23 years, late bloomer! Take care, Rawn Stone

  3. That tree is amazing. Looks like a great place to spend some time.

  4. Well, it looks fairly cute, but I don't see anything rusty....

  5. Not only does that tree look amazing I'm certain those murals would be equally as inspirational.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

    It's about time.

  6. This is a very pretty presentation, Diana!


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