Thursday, February 20, 2020

Back to Yuma for a While

After Quartzsite I headed back to Yuma for a while. I stayed again on the BLM land behind the VFW. The VFW has live bands and dancing 4 afternoons a week, and is very popular.

But my favorite thing in Yuma is the ukulele group, the Uku-holics of Yuma. They meet and jam twice a week.

The group started only 3 years ago with 5 members, and has been growing by leaps and bounds! I'm in there somewhere.

I did a lot of shopping while in Yuma. I learned not to go to the Goodwill on the day when everything is half price! That's the checkout line.

On the night of the full moon, Wanda and Ernie invited many friends to their house for a Howling-at-the-Moon party. They provided the most delicious chili I have ever tasted!

Eventually, the moon appeared over the mountains, but it was pretty cloudy. That didn't prevent a lot of howling, though...

And I never get tired of the sunsets here. I'm getting ready to go on 2 big trips soon!

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