Saturday, December 15, 2018

My Time in Apache Junction

After the WIN Dance Rally, I scurried over to Apache Junction, AZ. This is one of my favorite places to spend time in the winter months.

The view of the Superstition Mountains from my rig are incredible.

One day, there were 2 Harris Hawks (I think) feasting on a poor little bird up on the light post.

I also got to go on a hike with my sister, Barbara, near the Superstitions...

I just love all the spires in view, although we were looking into the sun that early in the morning.

We got to see a Phainopepla, which I had never seen before -

And this little bird who had his mouth full...

And let's not forget the hugging saguaro! Looks painful...

On another day, I went out to find the wild horses that are north of Apache Junction.

Unfortunately, I didn't see any. Apparently you have to be here much earlier in the day.

But the views of the Salt River, and the unique trees along it, were definitely worth the trip!


  1. Try a hike at Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior,if you get a chance.

  2. Beautiful country! I would also love to see the wild horses. We have seen them up on the Mogollon Rim...

  3. Long time since I've been in that area but there is sooooo much to see and do there! I know you will have a great winter. I can't figure out your little grey bird first I thought Gnatcatcher but not sure.

  4. Eager to see the Salt River horses myself. I have found one herd in the wild... the Heber Herd. That was magical.


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