Monday, August 22, 2016

Wild Animals WAAAAY Too Close!

From Gig Harbor, we moved on to Sequim, WA on the Olympic Peninsula.

Our first outing was to the Olympic Game Farm. The Farm worked exclusively for Walt Disney Studios for 28 years, filming movies here and at various locations. But now it is just a place offering "in need" captive-bred animals a home. So they really aren't very wild...

The llamas greeted us at the gate. You are allowed to feed the animals, but only whole-wheat bread.

Well, hi there!

Whoa!!! Too close!!!

This yak fell in love with Carol.

They warn you that the zebra can bite, so I didn't even try to feed him.

We drove by a pretty peahen with her youngsters.

And some Kodiak bears. Fortunately, they are behind fences and you can't feed them.

Then we entered the "high-risk area" of elk and buffalo, where you are not allowed to stop, or your car could be damaged. Unfortunately, the car in front of us did not pay attention to that rule. But Carol backed up and we were fine.

The buffalo were waiting for us just inside the gate. He's not paying any attention to the sign...

Oh Carol, I LOOOOVE you!

Just let me lick you face!

The European Fallow Deer were also adorable. At this point we were running out of bread.

Carol's car survived; it just had a lot of buffalo slobber on it.

Afterward, we visited a lavender farm, just to calm down. It sure smelled a lot better than the game farm...


  1. wonderful! I'm sure they all get enough to eat off season.

  2. That bear fence doesn't look real strong. But that would be so much fun. As long as it was Jim feeding them.

  3. Glad you made it through with all your fingers intact! :cO

  4. That would be SO much fun - but maybe a little scary, too. And I'd love the lavender farm. I used to have lavender bushes, and I miss them. I'd buy a little bunch if I was there. You find the coolest places to go. :)

  5. That had to be a lot of fun and lots of laughs


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