Monday, January 5, 2015

All Good Things Must Come to an End

Just a couple last pictures of paradise. We took a last swim in the condo swimming pool, complete with a waterfall.

And had our last meal on the lovely plates provided with the condo. I really liked them....

Then it was time to leave Kauai.

We changed planes in Honolulu - a very unique open-air airport.

I was amazed at all the skyscrapers in Honolulu - glad I was in Kauai.

Leaving Honolulu, we got a glimpse of the smaller islands of the Hawaiian Island chain.

After recovering from our trip, I proceeded to Yuma to join up with the WINs for our Christmas/New Years gathering. We stay behind the VFW, a horrible place complete with trains, planes and automobiles. But it's free and we can all fit there.

One of the first things we did was see the Parade of Lights in the Foothills, where there were many ATVs decked out in lights.

After that we went to 55th Street, the prize package of Christmas decorations.

Good night! Always great sunsets here.


  1. I drive past the VFW every time I go to town. I thought it looked pretty crowded last Friday. Had no idea the WINs were there. I agree, that location isn't the best.

  2. Welcome back to reality. I really enjoyed your visit to Paradise.

  3. I like how you even got the train in your picture. But it looks like it didn't bother Donna.

  4. Hawaii is hard to say goodbye too, but it looks like you had a happy landing:)

  5. yum that pool looks great!! Welcome back stateside!

  6. I just swoon over your Hawaii pictures. I'll have to go back and read some more. I'd love to go there but to some of the lesser visited islands. The VFW doesn't sound very pleasant but I can't get over all those lights on that street. Looks like Disney World's electric light parade.


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