Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has definitely sprung here in Apache Junction, AZ! I've been here a while taking care of yearly medical stuff.

The weather has been just perfect!

Birds are looking around for mates and rapidly building nests.

And there are blooms everywhere! The ocotillo started blooming a couple weeks ago.

Most of the cactus are just beginning to bloom.

It always amazes me how something so beautiful can come out of something so prickly.

This looks like a saguaro, but it is just a close relative.

The saguaro don't usually bloom until early May, but a few of the early birds have buds already.

And I actually found one blooming in March! It must just want to get its picture taken...

We've also gone out several times to see our favorite singing duo, Brant and Kerry, both at Filly's and Superstition Skies. Here Kerry is doing his Roy Orbison impression.

One evening we had a blogger get-together at Superstition Skies. It was great fun, although a tad too loud to talk. Jim and Sandie are on the left, with Retired Rod and Jim of Jimbo's Journeys next to Phil.


  1. Love those pictures of the cactus blooms. I sure hope I can manage to be out there one of these years to see them myself.

  2. The cactus are gorgeous when they're in bloom! Your blogger get-together looks like fun, although noisy restaurants can be very annoying.

  3. Love the cactus in bloom, what a show they put on!!

  4. I love the desert bloom but I have been so miserable the last couple of days with allergies. Good to see you guys and I love good news.

  5. We're thinking of stopping in that area and visiting Roosevelt lake in the fall. Is it a nice area?

  6. Now you need to spring into action and hit the road! ;c)

  7. Wonderful photos, as always. I always love photos of cactus blossoms.

    Mike Goad
    Haw Creek

  8. Kim, it's a very nice area. I don't know too much about Roosevelt Lake though. I know you can't take an RV on 88, you have to go around through Superior and Globe.

  9. Looking forward to this years adventures and photos.

  10. A blooming saguaro in March -- what a find!!! Very beautiful. And the shot of the quail is lovely!!!

  11. Great blogger get-together!

    Gorgeous photos - I saw one little cactus with a bloom and immediately snapped it's photo. I thought the season was done - so happy to know it's just beginning. I guess I should have figured that out since all the trees are just starting to green up. LOL

  12. RE: "The birds are looking around for mates…"

    TO: The bird with the jaunty feather…


  13. Nice pix of the cacti blooms. Hope you're all fixed up and ready for the next road trip.


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