Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seniors Gone Wild!

Every year the WINs go to "Somewhere" in Bouse for dinner and dancing. Yes - that is the name of a bar.

They open the bar just for us and bring in a band.

Our friend Millie joins the band for a few songs.

Phil was still down in Yuma getting his teeth done, and Cheryl and I didn't feel like we were getting enough dances, so -

She fixed the problem with this sign. It worked!

The Quartzsite gathering wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Desert Bar. There are 2 ways to get there - both on dirt roads - but we took the 4-wheel drive way.

We stopped to see "The Titanic," named by our late friend, Don.

And finally arrived at the back door of the Desert Bar. Parking is crazy!

We grabbed the seats around the dance floor.

They serve burgers and hot dogs, but absolutely no cheese! I don't get it.

And there is no drinking allowed in the parking lot, or else!


  1. Love the sign! It's good to be clear.

  2. Love the tablecloth over the poll table....neat disguise. There's a great sign behind your head!

  3. yep, my kind of spot, and will have to visit it next winter when we are out west...

  4. No cheese is a good thing. We skipped the Desert Bar this year. Maybe we'll go again next year. Glad Cheryl's sign worked for you guys.

  5. Too funny the sign and the bar. You guys are dancin' fools! I need to come out there and take lessons.

  6. This looks like a super place to go. Who would ever guess to put a bar, way out in the middle of nowhere and expect it to work? but, it looks like this really does :)

  7. Loved you dancing sign. Pretty clever!

    With all the good booze at the Desert Bar, who has any time to drink in the parking lot, anyway? :c)

  8. We love the desert bar.... visited last year when we did the Big RV Tent in Q. Fun times!


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