Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Shamelessly Cheesy Pictures

I haven't been posting much lately because there's not much going on. But I did go over to San Diego at Christmas to see the Grandkids. (OK - and their parents...) Christmas eve was pretty exciting.

They made sure they left Santa plenty of milk and cookies, and don't forget carrots for the reindeer. Isn't it amazing how well they get along when Santa is about to come?

The next morning, they were bouncing off the wall, waiting to come down the stairs.

Jonathan got Legos and more Legos.

What's in that great big package!


I also got to hang out with Corrie, Brian, lots of their relatives, granddog Coco, and some of the grandcats.

Everyone was very friendly, and I had a wonderful time!


  1. That's a wonderful way to spend Christmas! I'm sure the cats agreed. :c)

  2. Personally that style is always a good one:) Nice pictures!

  3. Ah, the Sue Grafton 'V' book. I haven't read that one yet. The kids are adorable. I hope you're not allergic to cats.

  4. Super cute photos. It looks like your grandkids get new jammies for Christmas, mine do, too! :)

  5. I love the matching cute!!! Lots of kitty love there for you!

  6. Hi Diana -

    Long time reader, first time "commentor" (I think). Is that a new tow vehicle I see ? I may have missed that post -

  7. Not really new - I got the truck in July 2012. Thanks for commenting though!


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