Friday, August 5, 2011

Trains and Hummers

During my stay at the Elks in Flagstaff, hummingbirds were in abundance. I'm pretty sure this one is a Rufous.

Occasionally they played "nice."

But most of the time each insisted on having the feeder all to themselves. Sometimes there were as many as 10 divebombing individuals.

Not sure about this guy, but it may be a Black-chinned Hummingbird.

And this might be a Broad-tailed Hummingbird. They make a very loud buzz when flying.

This little guy enjoyed the Hummer shows. He's an Abert's squirrel, I believe. In other parts of the year he has long hair ear tufts.

My father is a real train fanatic, and wanted me to go check out the railroad bridge at Canyon Diablo, east of Flagstaff. The road there was not the best...

But we made it! It's a very busy line. This is the new bridge, opened in 1947.

The original pillars that the old bridge was mounted on were excavated from the surrounding Kaibab limestone and shaped on site by Italian stonemasons.

The old bridge was completed sometime in the 1880s.

The wind must get pretty wicked here sometimes. You can see the cover of a railroad car that blew off lying in the canyon.


  1. Nice hummer pics. Those little guys are so interesting. I Love Railroads!
    How's yer' trailer comin'?

  2. Wow just fantastic hummingbird pictures, I am so jealous LOL They are beautiful birds thanks so much for sharing those, hope all is well :o)

  3. Interesting that the new bridge was built the same year I was born. Calling it new makes me feel better:)

  4. The hummingbirds are just so entertaining to watch. Our cats think so, too!
    Great pics.

  5. If we had humming birds I would spend hours watching them. Those bridges are fantastic, such feats of engineering. I like bridges.

  6. Wonderful photos - I enjoyed each one. I am always amused by the hummingbirds. They can sure be territorial for such little critters. That's a beautiful little squirrel.

  7. That is sooo interesting that they created the original pillars out of the land. How clever!

  8. Great shot of the road and ragged tire with the car. And those original bridge pillars ... what it must have taken to create them from the surrounding landscape.

  9. Great hummer photos! They do like to fight. My husband wonders how they manage to mate.

  10. Great Hummer photos!!! The detail in that first Rufous is amazing!!AND what a great RR story--more awesome shots on that...BOY that 1880 photo is something! SAW one squirrel like that at the Grand Canyone many moons ago...Very interesting ears!!

  11. I thought they stopped making Hummers. Glad to see they are still plenty around... ;c)

    Cool expedition to the railroad bridge. Bet your dad loved the pictures, I know I did!

  12. I'm glad your dad is a train enthusiast...those are interesting pictures, the bridges wowsome. Great of the hummers, too.
    So apparently Phil hasn't kicked you out yet! I hope your rig will be repaired soon as I'm sure you do. Gosh, replacing an axle--I know, better than a trailer and you already did that, but bad enough. Was sorry that happened.

  13. Nice really enjoyed the blog. I really like the train bridge and the tire in the roand if you can get it to Discount Tire they might give you a new one. :)

  14. I love looking at the bridges but HATE when we have to travel over any type! The older I get the more nervous I get about heights!


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