Friday, March 18, 2011

More Fun in AJ

I've been here in Apache Junction for some time now, but there is lots to do and I'm far from being bored yet. On Wednesday, my sister, Roaming Barbara, and "Brother-in-Law" Ron invited friends still in the area to Happy Hour at their house.

Barbara got out the bags and the picker and strongly encourage everyone to take grapefruit, oranges, and lemons. She been working very hard to get rid of this year's banner crop.

We're still doing a fair amount of dancing, and recently discovered Superstition Skies in AJ. My favorite entertainers there are Brant and Kerry, who perform every Wednesday from 5-8.

They are terrific singers, and 2 of the best guitarists I've ever seen. Here's a short clip of the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."

It certainly beats Filly's where everyone sits in the hot sun, that is if you can even find a seat.

The only good thing about Filly's is all the cowboys that arrive on horseback.

I saw a few poppies blooming in the area so we went out to an area where I had seen lots of them 3 years ago.

Unfortunately, it is not a good year for wildflowers and I saw not a one, so I dug out a picture from 3 years ago. (Is that cheating?)


  1. Hi Diana
    I have been following you for awhile and just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you have been.
    My wife and I live on a boat in the summer and rent during the winter. We live in Canada. We still have to work for 5 years or so but we`re getting close to setting ourselves free. We just purchased a 25ft camper and hope to hit the road a little this summer. Thanks for the work you do and `taking the road less traveled`.

  2. Love the flower pictures and I just love how the cowboys show up to the bar on their horses, I bet they were fun to look at too hehehe

  3. Now I really need to find out about Superstition Skies. We went to Filly's but it was so loud and packed that we didn't stay very long.

    And no it's not cheating to use pics from prior years. Sometimes nature just doesn't want to cooperate.

  4. I know that last picture! Good shot even if it is cheating! Sounds as though you're having a good time in AJ. Raining in Monterey County (CA) today!

  5. Oh my ... fresh fruit from the trees. What a treat!

  6. The picture tells the story, you took it, its fair.
    Cowboys. Yum.
    Fillys looks way too crowded.

  7. YO--Giddy-up
    I havent been to a bar in a while, would be fun to arrive on horseback! Barbara has a green thumb--I'm thinkn a juicer would be a great gift for her!
    Too bad you didnt get to see any flowers this yr..but If you move north a bit later you will some in the dry areas of Utah and of course Colorado!
    Love the photos the band is great in the video too...Im passing the name of this club onto my friend who lives in Mesa--she needs a good safe place to go and meet people.

  8. That's a great photo of you sitting amoung all the flowers. Not cheating at all. :)


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