Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow, More PA, and a Contest

All the other bloggers currently in southern Arizona have pictures of snow on their blogs today, so here's a picture of what I woke up to this morning. No snow here in Apache Junction, but the Superstition Mountains were really pretty.

I thought I was through with snow when I left my father's house in Pennsylvania. We got 6" one evening. My sister and I uncovered the rental car after Steve, the World's Best Neighbor, plowed the driveway.

And speaking of Steve, and wife Nancy, they had a little get-together to celebrate my father's 90th with a birthday pie. Again, it had 10 candles.

Steve also made homemade ice cream with his little motorized ice cream maker. He does this every time it snows, because he can use the snow instead of buying ice.

Someone sent my father this button, and he wore it everywhere.

My father used to be an avid stamp collector, but when he found out that he couldn't even sell them for face value, he started using them for postage. He gave my sister and I a bunch of old 22-cent stamps to double up. This is my take, but I may have to keep the CPA ones on top.

Nancy's niece did a lot of genealogy research for my father. I thought this was hysterical - my great-great-grandmother objecting to telephone pole placement in 1911, at the age of 70.

And now for the contest! I got an email from the company that does Microsoft's promotions, offering me 5 copies of the brand new 2011 Streets and Trips to give away on my blog. So I need to come up with a contest. Anyone have any ideas? Rick drew names out of a hat, and I'll do that too unless I get a better idea. The contest will be in the next post!


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That button is so great!

Sue and Doug said...

love the button! for your contest..I would love to win another one but that wouldn't be fair!..I will leave the contest making decision up to you...I did one..guess where this is? and the prize was a pair of red olympic did Paul and Marti..the chocolate cheerio contest!..good luck with it!!

Cyndi said...

Fantastic! Another chance at winning an awesome traveling program.........Geez I don't know what kind of contest to come up with that wouldn't be a burden on you although if you don't want to just pull names out of the pot you can use and it will pull your winners for you. Whatever you decide it is your decision and i am sure you are going to be fare or you wouldn't have made the offer to begin with.

Love the button your Father had, and I agree with other's I can only hope I look as good as he when I am 90. I am so glad he and the family was able to enjoy so many memories on his special day.

Sondra said...

Great neighbors for sure!! LOL at your Great Grannie I bet she enjoyed a good debate!! She had what I call Grit-I too have a worthless stamp collection...May as well use them right?
I would love to win ONE of your Prizes how about you pick 5 numbers between 1 and 40 (or 10 or 20 depends on the # of visitors you may expect to play) and your visitors pick ONE number and put it in the comment and the 5 who come closest to your 5 numbers win a PRizE--its simple and fair--
Closest would be Close to but NOT over the Number-

E Squared and Mui said...

Smart woman your great granny.

Linda and Terry said...

We will have to enter your contest - we could use a new Streets and Trips. Ours has a date of 1995 I think.

Loved Uncle Ellis' button.
Great seeing you again, come again soon.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Loved the button, where do people find these things?

Nice to see you still have some warm winter clothes, although the sneakers were not too good in all that snow. It must have made you appreciate all those warm places you usually hang out. :c)

Rustedgranny said...

Perhaps a contest to see who can write the best reason, strongest begging for their need to have the software.

Anonymous said...


Jerry and Deb said...

Looks like get times and memories - the button is awesome! Hope your father see many more blessed years!!

Contest, which five of your fellows live the furthers. I would give it to them, so they can find you and come for a visit.

Happy Travels ~ Be safe!

Suanne said...

I love visiting the National Parks, too. Please include me in the drawing for the 2011 Streets and Trips. Thanks, Suanne

Viv Grybko said...

I would love to enter your contest. Love your blog & Happy Birthday tomorrow. Hugs, Viv

Lynn said...

That button is so funny and Happy Birthday to your dad wow 90 years old.