Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fast Trip to San Diego

Last weekend I made a fast trip down to San Diego to see my daughter and her family. It has been a while since I've seen the grandkids. Corrie, Mara and Jonathan took me to see Mission Trails Park. Poor Brian had to work all weekend.

Mara has one of my old cameras, and she's quite the photographer.

I had crocheted a Barbie dress and hat from a pattern I got from fellow blogger Lynn. Since I didn't have a model, I didn't know if it would fit, but it did. (Just barely...)

Yesterday I went to a thrift store looking for a Barbie to use as a model for future clothes. I only wanted one, but ended up with five because they were in a package of 5 for $5! Anybody want an extra Barbie model?

After the trip to San Diego, it was back to the LA area to see the big RV show at Pomona.

There were a lot of RVs to look at, and a lot of people looking at them. The economy must be getting better!

I didn't look at too many trailers, because I already have the perfect one... :-) ... but I did find this one very strange. I guess the idea is that the kids don't track dirt all the way through the RV if they have to come in to go to the bathroom. (There was another normal door.)

This was my favorite motorhome of those I saw. I love the big buffet next to the freestanding table (I hate dinettes) and the TV that rose up out of it. The TV retracts when not in use.

Don't worry, I'm not buying. But I did think this was a great layout for a 34' motor home. If you're interested, it is an Itasca Meridian V class 34Y.


Levonne said...

Hi Diana! You're a busy camper! Would you be willing to consider me interviewing you for my blog? I would be interested in asking you questions about your fulltime lifestyle and your interests. Thanks.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Itasca makes a nice coach. Of course, I am undoubtedly prejudiced.

Sue and Doug said...

we love the itasca's and the winnie's!!..thanks for the tour!

Dixxe said...

OK, I put my comment about the door on the wrong post, looked again still dont understand
WHAT a cool barbie outfit!!
You are very good with a crochet hook it appears, good way to stay busy when you're not behind the wheel!
Great looking GRANDS you got!!
My son is still single---so dont know if Ill ever get any grands-

Ted and Mary Ellen said...

RE: the toilet...outside access is very desirable for dirty, greasy men too! Our back door is very close to the back bathroom and (you know who) can strip and get clean in close proximity!!!!!!!!!

NWlambear said...

Can't find where I can click "to follow you" online. BTW Love the pics of San Diego. That is where we lived before retiring to Washington (state). We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren down there. It's beautiful. Safe travels ~Tricia

Maggie said...

I waved at you, but you made such a lightening visit all I could do was wave. Next time you are down, stop by for tea.

Linda and Terry said...

Great to see photos of Corrie and the kids. said...

Nice to see you had time to see your daughter and grandchildren. Mara, looked very pleased with her new Barbie doll dress and hat. You did a wonderful job on it.

Kevin and Ruth

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

What adorable grandkids, and that picture of Mara with her Barbie doll is priceless! It's so wonderful to visit the GKs, it's so hard to leave, isn't it?

We love to look at new campers, even though we didn't need a new one. We bought three that way, lol! It's an addiction and we can quit anytime (sure!).

Lynn said...

Diana, your barbie dress is so beautiful and I love the colors you used I love it!! And what a deal you got on your barbies, 5 for 5 dollars wow!! Im glad you got to visit the grandkids and it looks like they were happy too. I love looking at RVs but I get sad because I cant take one home LOL

Barbara and Ron said...

Mission Trails Park, humm. Have to remember that. I'm surprised you picked that model with three slides, one of which is the whole wall! But I guess you're just saying it looked nice and not worrying about practical things like carrying capacity. :-D

Merri and Steve said...

That was our favorite layout also! Only we looked at the gasser so the door was to the left of the recliner. I think 34' is a good length.

As for the clothes...cute! I will have to try those one of these days in between my blankets.

Love the pics of the family! :)